Professional Learning

Welcome to our Staff Development Website!

The Desert/Mountain SELPA staff development offerings are coordinated through the SELPA Program Manager - Regional Services. The Program Manager - Regional Services interacts with participating Local Educaiton Agencies (LEAs), including those that are out of geographic boundries, to determine staff development needs, initiate training activities/programs, and manage resources availalbe to support staff development training and transition services for all individuals who are responsible for special education and for children with disabilities. Activities are initiated through the SELPA Steering Committee as well as with various teacher/administrator groups.

The National Staff Development Council (NSDC) is the construct by which the Desert/Mountain SELPA staff development opportunities are designed. These standards (revised in 2001) incorporate what educators have learned about staff development that improves the learning of all students. These standards focus on staff development that is standards-based, results-driven, and job-embedded. The NSDC Standads for Staff Development are divided into context, process, and content standards and focus on improvement in learning for all students. Learn more about NSDC Standards for Staff Development.

It is the SELPA's goal to create on-going collaborative relationships with participating LEAs in the the desert region. It is through these collaborative relationships, characterized by facilitation of systems change efforts and on-site coaching, that school improvement will occur.