The Governance Council is the governing body of the Desert/Mountain SELPA. Designated representatives from the Desert/Mountain SELPA, Desert/Mountain Charter SELPA, and the Desert/Mountain Children's Center form the Governance Council. The Council is responsible for establishing a system for determining the responsibility of participating local education agencies (LEAs) for the education of individuals with exceptional needs and designating an administrative entity to perform such regionalized functions as the receipt and distribution of all SELPA funds and provisions of administrative support, and coordination of the implementation of the Local Plan for the education of children with exceptional needs, and to undertake such ancillary and related programs, as determined by the Council. All policy matters are determined by the Council. Information regarding Council representatives, terms of office, and appointment of other advisory bodies or committees are found in the Bylaws.
The function of the SELPA and participating LEAs is to provide quality educational programs and services appropriate to the needs of each eligible child with a disability who is enrolled within the D/M SELPA and Charter SELPA. The Responsible Local Agency (RLA) Superintendent, LEA Superintendents and CEOs of the LEA Charter Schools are responsible for the management and supervision of all special education program operations within the D/M SELPA. All programs are to be operated in a manner consistent with the funding provisions of Education Code, IDEA, other applicable laws and the SELPA policies and procedures.