DRDP Access

Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) Access

Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) is a statewide accountability and progress assessment system, which was implemented in January 2007.

To meet these requirements, preschool children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) will participate in the DRDP assessment system. All three, four, and five year old preschoolers with IEPs will be assessed using either the DRDP-R or the DRDP Access form.

The SELPA is responsible to report the data to CDE and certifies the data is complete.

Participating LEAs to the Desert/Mountain SELPA are responsible for inputting this data directly into the SELPA MIS system. Please see timeline below for DRDP data collection.

For additional assistance and/or guidance, please email Colette Garland, Technology Assistant, or contact her at 1-760-242-6333, extension 307.

DRDP Timeline

SELPAs report DRDP data to the CDE, SED through direct entry or data upload to the Special Education Desired Results System (SEDRS).

DRDP data must include a Rating Record and Information Page for each child assessed.
At any time during the year:
Teachers and data entry clerks will be able to print SEDRS reports.
Administrators will be able to download data from the previous data collection period.
Please check for updates on the Desired Results access Project Web site (Outside Source)

Assessment Period Observation & Documentation with the PS DRDP-R/DRDP Access DRDP Data Submitted to SELPA

Data Certified by SELPA
Fax by Due Date to
(916) 327-3730

Fall, 2009 October 1 - November 30, December 1, - January 31 February 1
Spring, 2010 March 1 - April 30 May 1 - June 30 July 1

Visit the Desired Results access Project funded by the California Department of Education, Special Education Division for updates.