Pupil Count Info

Pupil Count

The California Department of Education (CDE) has made available helpful information via the “DataQuest” tool. This link will take you to the appropriate web page and then by following the instructions listed here you can obtain your district’s information for December Pupil Count by District of Service for multiple fiscal years. You may also find the “DataQuest” tool useful for other reporting needs.

DataQuest helps you find facts about California Schools and districts.

To access this site, go to CDE Data Quest

From 1. Select Level: Choose "District"
From 2. Select Subject: Choose "Special Education" (located in the dropdown under "Student Demographics" heading)
Click "Submit"
Select a timeframe/single year and reporting cycle (multiple years are currently available but Reporting Cycle = December)
Type a few letters of the district name and hit "Submit"
Choose the report to view (Options include "Enrollment by Age and Disability", Enrollment by Age and Ethnic Group", "Enrollment by Age and Grade" and "Enrollment by Ethnicity and Disability")
The total column in red shows the District's Pupil Count.
Numerous other valuable pieces of data can be found through the link provided above.

Timeline for Pupil Count

Participating LEAs should contact the SELPA for additional information and/or questions regarding the following timeline for pupil count.

July 11, 2008 All districts with school year ending in May must have all data entry completed for IEPs dated July 1, 2007 through and including June 30, 2008.  Revisions to the Pupil Primary Service Report and Verification Reports must be entered or submitted to the SELPA office.  District must also have a contact person and phone number in case of questions. 
July 11, 2008 All new IEPs (dated July 1, 2007, through and including June 30, 2008), revisions to the Pupil Primary Service Report and Verification Report entered or submitted o the SELPA office. 
July 25, 2008 Final Pupil Primary Service Report submitted to districts with Certification Page
August 8, 2008 Certifications must be signed and returned Attention:  Colette Garland, SELPA Specialist, and on file in the SELPA office.  District portion of Pupil Count completed