Regional Training Guidelines

Regional Training Registration Guidelines

The Desert/Mountain SELPA has now made the transition to electronic communication for all professional development. All of our flyers are now available on our website and all registration is being handled through the Organizational Management Systems at

Please keep in mind that for events that require payment you will need to register online and then follow up with having payment forwarded to the SELPA office. When you initially register online you will receive an email saying that your registration will be confirmed once payment is received. Once the SELPA receives payment, it will sent another email confirming your registration. If you have not received a confirmation email prior to the day of the training, please check back with your school district to determine whether payment has been sent. If payment has been sent and your registration has not yet been confirmed, contact the SELPA office so that we can make sure that you are registered and that all materials will be available for you on the day of the training.

Many of our trainins fill up rather quickly and, unfortunately, we have had to turn some people away on the day of the training because we had not received their payment and the training was full. It is in your best interest to register early and ensure that payment is sent promptly so that your registration can be confirmed. We hope that the new electronic system will streamline the registration process and allow people to verify their registration via email prior to the event so that no one gets turned away on the day of a training.

For additional information, contact (760) 242-6333, extension 310