CAHELP's Response to COVID-19

CAHELP's Response to COVID-19

CAHELP's Response to COVID-19

Hi All,

In light of the COVID – 19 concerns, the SELPA is receiving many questions regarding school closures. At this time, in San Bernardino County there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the recommendation is to NOT close schools at this time. I have attached information that is extremely helpful in identifying where each school may be in the planning of a response to COVID – 19.

There are two resources from the State of California – Health and Human Services Agency that give guidelines to various scenarios.

The School Plan is the attached Word Document and it follows with the 4 Levels or Scenarios for Response detailed by the CA Department of Public Health. It is important for each LEA to determine which scenario they are in based on the County in which you are operating and the exposure within your LEA.

If your LEA determines they are in Scenario III, you will need to work with your local Department of Public Health and the SELPA to proceed with a possible school closure. I am currently waiting for guidance from California Department of Education regarding services for students with disabilities and related services when a LEA closes due to the pandemic.

My advice right now (until I hear from CDE) is if you determine you must close your LEA for a period of time, do so completely. If you offer online schooling, you must be prepared to offer general and special education services at the same level of services they would receive on site.

I have included an article from aalrr, Law Corporation regarding Practical Tips for Planning for COVID-19. This gives excellent guidance to ensure discrimination does not occur for our students with disabilities in the event of a school closure.


Jenae Holtz, CEO, CAHELP


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