Triage Grant Update-August 2020 Edition

Triage Grant Update
Posted on 08/12/2020
triage grant update!

Triage Grant Update

August 2020


The Triage Grant has allowed the Prevention and Intervention staff to provide a multi-tiered system of prevention, intervention, and community outreach supports including: preventative supports, early identification, crisis interventions, intensive case management, parent trainings and supports, and linkages to community resource services for families in the high desert region.

Current News

Due to COVID-19, the Prevention and Intervention Team continue to develop distance learning supports for LEAs, including virtual coaching. This virtual coaching/support consists of highlighting resources, action planning with the site PBIS teams using an Interconnected System Framework (ISF) action item. This will continue to allow space and time to support.

In addition, we have created the School Mental Health and Social Emotional Learning to Support the Safe Reopening of Schools Trainings 2020-21. This can be found at: Triage Services. If additional supports are needed, please reach out at: We are here to support!

Virtual wellness is at one’s fingertips. Team members have created a virtual calming and wellness center. Feel free to share with school staff, students, and families. To access click: Virtual Calming and Wellness Center

Webinar Partnership

In partnership, as leadership members with California PBIS Coalition (CPC), we were able to provide 29 webinars. 8 of these 29 webinars in April and May were provided by our CAHELP Prevention and Intervention Team. Here is some feedback from these webinars:

Thank you for making the webinar interactive and practical!

Amazing. So well thought out and organized. Really thoughtful break-out session questions. Wonderful overview and lots of amazing resources!

I loved your presentation style and your analogies. THANK YOU! I hope you do future presentations!

Great collaboration ladies!!

PBIS Trainings/Supports

Below is a list of additional trainings and supports that various team members are developing and/or modifying.

  • Cultural Responsiveness-modifying and adapting based on current events
  • PBIS and Remote Instruction-how to support distance learning
  • Prevent Teach Reinforce-a Tier 3 intervention
  • Returning to School After Disruptions-reentry support
  • Social Emotional Learning-for staff and students
  • Staff Wellness-identifying supports for school staff based on a self-assessment created by our team
  • Virtual learning and training platforms to support customized supports

Outreach Supports

The Outreach Team is available to assist!

Outreach supports include linkage to services, training classes, and community outreach.  Let us know if you have any comments or are interested in other training topics by completing the How Can we Help you Survey / Cómo Podemos ayudarle?

To date, the Outreach Team provided the following:

Community Outreach Activities

  • 890 Outreach Interconnections (10/15/19-03/25/20) (school site networking/coaching, parent events, community outreach)

Parenting and Family Resources

  • 130 Family assistance referrals (02/07/19 – 03/25/2020) (referral request… housing/shelter, food, transportation, mental & physical health, vocation, family and social support)

Summer Family Fun Days went virtual!

The Outreach Team provided 3 opportunities in the summer for activities/family engagement. If you missed the last Summer Family Fun Day held on July 15th, click the link below to view.
Additional virtual Family Fun Days will be taking place throughout the year. We will have topics that focus on self-care, social emotional learning, feelings, kindness, and family connection. Families will also have the opportunity to connect with other families in our community. Join our Outreach Team for a few hours of family fun! The next one will take place on October 30, 2020. Please register at:

Parents Plugged-In

The newsletter continues to offer ideas, techniques, and resources. We are continuously working to provide this information in a convenient manner for you to be able to share with your families. We use the Family Check-in survey to guide Parent Plugged-In content. We are also following up with families to provide resources.  Check in with us, so we can connect you and your family with valuable resources, such as food, clothing, housing, and mental health supports: Family Check-in Survey. In this edition of Parents Plugged-In, the Prevention and Intervention Team are highlighting: Superhero Families; Superhero Strength-Building our Physical Strength. We are looking forward to providing you and your families with quick information and a home activity to build your superhero powers! Please feel free to share this information within your schools and districts. Also, included is the URL if this is something you would like to simply place on your website as well. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future information to share. Keep up the great work you are doing for kids and feel free to reach out to the preventionandintervention@cahelp.orgCaryn De La Torre

Fun Facts about the Prevention and Intervention Team

  • Total of attendees for our CAHELP Prevention and Intervention team webinars in partnership with California PBIS Coalition from 5/20 to 5/29:436 attendees!
  • Working from home has allowed for new team members; some with 4 legs and a tail. Other team member beginning to unveil new teeth and attempts at crawling and walking. There is never a dull moment!


For further questions, please contact Melynda Paxton at