The California Association of Health and Education Linked Professions (CAHELP), a Joint Powers Authority (JPA), is a public education consortium of school districts and charter schools.

The Governance Council meets quarterly and consists of the Superintendent/CEO representing each of the LEA members of the Desert/Mountain Special Education Local Plan Area and representatives from the Desert/Mountain Charter Special Education Local Plan Area.

Duties of the CAHELP Governance Council

  • Establish and amend the bylaws, and adopt and enforce policies
  • Provide for the management and administration of CAHELP and CAHELP programs and services in a manner that is in the best interests of the CAHELP JPA
  • Provide additional assessments if necessary
  • Insure that a complete and accurate system of accounting for all funds is maintained
  • Adopt an annual budget for CAHELP
  • Oversee activities for all CAHELP committees

For more information, contact our office at (760) 552-6700.

Upcoming Meetings