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Participating local education agencies (LEAs) of the Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA have joined in a cooperative effort to provide for the coordinated delivery of programs and services, and to assure equal access to such programs and services to eligible individuals with disabilities requiring special education and related services. The CAHELP JPA Governance Council is the governing board of the Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA. The CAHELP JPA Governance Council adopts policies for the SELPAs and participating LEAs. Policies and procedures adopted by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council under the authority of the adopting LEA board have the same status and authority as other LEA board policy.

Who is the CAHELP JPA Governance Council?

The CAHELP JPA Governance Council consists of the Superintendent/CEO representing each of the LEA members of the Desert/Mountain SELPA, and two (2) CEO representatives from the Desert/Mountain Charter SELPA. A CEO representing multiple LEAs counts as a single member of the Governance Council.

D/M SELPA & Charter SELPA Participating Agencies (LEAs)

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Upcoming Meetings

Responsibilities of the CAHELP Governance Council

  • Establish and amend the bylaws, and adopt and enforce policies.
  • Provide for the management and administration of CAHELP and CAHELP programs and services in a manner that is in the best interests of the CAHELP JPA.
  • Provide additional assessments if necessary.
  • Insure that a complete and accurate system of accounting for all funds is maintained.
  • Adopt an annual budget for CAHELP.
  • Oversee activities for all CAHELP committees