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The SELPA Finance Committee examines fiscal issues and advises the CAHELP JPA Governance Council regarding the adoption of the Annual Budget Plan. If necessary, recommendations regarding policies, procedures, and the implementation of the Local Plan can be given to the CAHELP CEO for ultimate consideration by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council.

In addition to carrying out the responsibilities identified in the Local Plan, the SELPA Finance Committee may choose to form subcommittees to focus on special issues. Such subcommittees shall report to the SELPA Finance Committee, or CAHELP JPA Governance Council, as appropriate.

Who is the SELPA Finance Committee?

Each participating LEA shall appoint an appropriate administrator of special education programs and/or an administrator who is knowledgeable in the area of special education finance to the SELPA Finance Committee. The SELPA Finance Committee meets on a regular basis. The CAHELP CEO serves as the Chairperson of the committee and is responsible for providing timely written notice of the meeting and agenda, minutes for the meeting, and additional documentation as needed to provide for informed decision-making.

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Upcoming Meetings

Responsibilities of the SELPA Finance Committee

  • Provide information and recommendations for the development, modification, and implementation of the SELPA funding allocation plan to the CAHELP JPA Governance Council;
  • Review and make recommendations to the CAHELP JPA Governance Council regarding decisions that impact the finances of LEAs;
  • Develop, review, and/or modify the Annual Budget Plan prior to adoption by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council; and
  • Review, modify, and recommend an annual budget for SELPA operations, including Regional Services, Program Specialists, and other SELPA administrative budgets prior to review, modification, and approval by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council.