Interagency Agreements

The function of the SELPA and member school districts is to provide quality educational programs and services appropriate to the needs of each eligible child with a disability who is enrolled within the Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA. The Responsible Local Agency (RLA) Superintendent, LEA Superintendents and CEOs of the LEA Charter Schools are responsible for the management and supervision of all special education program operations within the Desert/Mountain SELPA. All programs are to be operated in a manner consistent with the funding provisions of Education Code, IDEA, other applicable laws and the SELPA policies and procedures.

The Desert/Mountain SELPA participates in Interagency Agreements that stipulate the joint provision of services to individuals with exceptional needs in accordance with their IEP. Interagency Agreements have been completed at the state and local levels to carry out regulations from the federal and state government including fiscal responsibility for the provision of services for students with exceptional needs. Participating LEAs within the Desert/Mountain SELPA must ensure that interagency agreements or other mechanisms for interagency coordination are in effect to ensure services required for a free appropriate public education (FAPE) are provided.