Steering Committee

About Steering Committee

Each member local education agency appoints an appropriate administrator of special education programs to membership on the SELPA Steering Committee. The SELPA Steering Committee may be requested by the CAHELP JPA Governance Council to provide advice or assistance in other areas as needs are identified within the Desert/Mountain SELPA and Charter SELPA.

The SELPA Steering Committee examines program issues and staffing needs, and advises the CAHELP JPA Governance Council regarding the adoption of the Annual Service Plan.

The SELPA Steering Committee meets on a regular basis and the CAHELP CEO serves as the Chairperson of the committee and is responsible for providing timely written notice of the meeting and agenda, minutes for the meeting, and additional documentation as needed to provide informed decision-making.

Questions: Email JPA Administrative Services Assistant | Phone: 760-955-3555

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