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As public schools, charter schools are required to enroll and serve children with disabilities in the same manner as traditional public schools. The process for addressing special education at the school level is the same for all charter schools whether the charter school is a local education agency for the purposes of special education, a school of the district, or if the charter school is an independent study and non-classroom-based school.

Charter schools have two options for the delivery of special education services:

  • Operate as a "school of the district" (Dependent LEA) for special education purposes; or
  • Become an local education agency for special education purposes (Independent LEA).

Charter schools who wish to be considered as Independent LEAs, have the option of joining a multi-district SELPA or a charter-only SELPA. Charter schools that opt for Independent LEA status within a multi-district or charter-only SELPA, are legally responsible for ensuring that children with disabilities receive special education and related services to which they are entitled under federal law.

The Charter SELPA provides member Charter LEAs with support that aligns with state and federal laws, informs best practices, and empowers student-focused decision-making. Ongoing support services include: professional development, behavioral health, interagency agreements, community awareness, assessment, transition services, nonpublic school/agency and residential placements; financial management, management information system data, individual protections, alternative dispute resolution, and community advisory.

For more information about California SELPAs, visit the California Department of Education.

Our Members

Charter Local Education Agency

Contact No.

Allegiance STEAM Academy - Thrive 909-465-5405
Aveson Global Leadership Academy 626-797-1440
Aveson School of Leaders 626-797-1440
Ballington Academy - El Centro 760-353-0140
Desert Trails Preparatory Academy 760-536-7680
Elite Academic Academy - Lucerne
Elite Academic Academy - Adult Work Force Investment
Encore Jr./Sr. High School for the Performing & Visual Arts 760-956-2632
Encore Riverside 760-949-2036
Julia Lee Performing Arts Academy 909-714-4112
LaVerne Elementary Preparatory Academy 760-948-4333
Odyssey Charter School 626-229-0993
OCS-South 626-229-0993
Pasadena Rosebud Academy 626-797-7704
Pathways to College 760-949-8002
Taylion High Desert Academy 760-843-6622

Become a Member

The Charter SELPA is not accepting applications for membership at this time. If you are interested in joining the Charter SELPA, please review the Application Timeline and Checklist of Application Materials.

Any charter school within the State of California may apply for LEA membership to the Charter SELPA. Charter LEA members to the SELPA participate in the CAHELP Governance Council in the same manner as all other Charter LEA members. Whether located within the San Bernardino County and/or outside of the geographic boundaries of the county, Charter LEA members are responsible to comply with all provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), implement federal and state regulations, and to ensure that a free appropriate public education (FAPE) is provided to all children with disabilities who are enrolled in and attend the Charter LEA in the same manner that children with disabilities are served in other public schools.

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